How to add PayU Payment Button?

Just copy & paste one line code and it’s done.

<div class='pm-button'><a href=''><img src ='' /></a></div>

Personalize The Button With Your Brand Colors

Easily customize the payment button’s Color, Size and Text. You can also add any customer details you want to capture.

Customize the Button for your Brand

Easily customize the payment button’s color, size and text to match your brand. You can also add product details.

₹ 900

Get a Built-In Payment Gateway

The payment button comes with inbuilt payment gateway. Let your customers choose from multiple payment options.

Built-in payment gateway

Track and Manage your Transactions with Powerful Dashboard

Check status of all your transactions real time. Get notified every time you receive a payment

Start Accepting Payments on your Web pages and Blogs Now!

  • Copy & paste code
  • Built-In Payment Gateway
  • No Setup Fee
  • 100+ Payment Modes
  • Pay per transaction
  • Easy to Integrate